Rank Structure

The Rank Structure is a vital part of the Air Cadet Organisation and 2431 (Keighley) Squadron, as it helps to provide order, structure and solves problems at the lowest level.

It also provides a means of communication and education for lower ranks. Ranks shouldn't be confused with Classification.

The rank structure of the Air Cadet Organisation is split into three categories.

The first category is Cadet NCO’s. Cadets are promoted based on their skill and experience and upon promotion a cadet will become a Cadet Corporal. Cadet Corporal's are known as Junior NCO's. Cadets can then progress up the rank structure as follows:
Corporal – Sergeant – Flight Sergeant – Cadet Warrant Officer. These last 3 are known as Senior NCO's.

The second category is Adult NCO’s. Adult NCO’s have a rank structure similar to that of the cadet rank structure (although adult NCO’s outrank all cadet ranks) but are promoted on the basis of experience. The Adult NCO rank structure is as follows:
Sergeant – Flight Sergeant – Warrant Officer.

The third category of the rank structure is the Officers category. At 2431 (Keighley) Squadron we currently have two Officers; Flt Lt Crabtree (Officer Commanding) and Flt Lt Bisby. Officers outrank all NCO ranks and the Air Cadet Officer rank structure is as follows:
Officer Cadet – Pilot Officer – Flying Officer – Flight Lieutenant – Squadron Leader – Wing Commander.