Duke of Edinburgh Awards

At 2431 (Keighley) Squadron ATC you can achieve your Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE (Duke of Edinburgh) Awards. This involves doing a Physical activity, a Skilled activity and Volunteer work, along with an Expedition. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is an internationally recognized award, it can make a real difference to a young persons CV.

The Cadets can do regular Squadron Bleep Tests to improve their stamina for their Physical section, or they can do any other Physical activity on their own accord in order to achieve this section. It doesn't matter how good you are, all you have to do is show improvement!

For their Volunteering sections, Cadets are offered the chance to work voluntarily at East Riddlesden Hall, a local National Trust Organization. The Cadets regularly go down for 2 hours on Saturday mornings. We do a whole range of activities, from digging ponds in the educational garden, to giving guests a quick tour around the centre. Read more about this here.

Our Cadets can also Volunteer at the Bomber Memorial in Oakworth. 2431 (Keighley) Squadron ATC have been tasked by the Oakworth Community with the upkeep of the local memorial. Read more about this here.

Cadets can also Volunteer in other ways, such as in a local School or Charity Shop, or with ANY Community Organisation

For the Skills sections, Cadets can do a whole range of activities. As long as it's something they have an interest in and would like to improve, they can use it for their DofE. This can be a brand new hobby, or one you've had for years - It doesn't matter. We get a lot of Cadets who like to make Airfix models or Aircraft Dioramas. As long as they show a clear interest and improvement over time, they'll 'fly' through this section. 

One of our Cadets has also taken part in the Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course (QAIC). This Course teaches him all about subjects such as Air Power, Aerodynamics and Air Traffic Control, to a standard high enough him to teach other Cadets these subjects. Read about this here.

Finally is the Expedition. As you progress through the levels, your Expeditions become longer and more strenuous. At 2431 (Keighley) Squadron ATC, we do training sessions on Squadron before any Expeditions are planned. Training involves the basics such as; how to pitch a tent, how to cook on a stove, but we also move onto the more important parts, such as map reading, using a compass and finding a bearing.
Following this we do a practice Expedition and then a qualifying Expedition. The practice Expedition is simulated as if it were your final, qualifying Expedition, to ensure that all Cadets know what they are doing and will be safe. All Expeditions are supervised by suitably qualified Staff and Assessed by qualified Assessors.

Read about one of our recent Expeditions here.

DofE Awards are fun and exciting, and bring about many different opportunities. All Cadet's who take part thoroughly enjoy it and earn an Award that makes them stand out in the Community