The Keighley ATC building hosts a professional 25 meter shooting range in the bottom floor of the building. The Air Training Corps shoot very often and we fire a weapon called the No.8 Rifle, which is really fun to fire. It's like an addictive feeling, every time you smell the weapon oil and burnt gunpowder.

If you are local then this is the optimum venue to try your hand out at the sport of shooting, if your brave enough. If you join then you will be taught how to use and fire the rifle properly and safely. See how your eye and aim improve with every squeeze of the trigger.

 Impress your friends with your new found skills with the marksman awards that you will be given for your improvements and be a master at the best sport available.


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Sector Shooting Weekend

On Saturday and Sunday 17th/18th May 2014, Cadets from 2431 (Keighley) Squadron ATC, joined with other Cadets from their sector for a Shooting Weekend at their very own Squadron in Keighley.

There were 3 different groups of Cadets throughout the weekend. The first group was for Cadets who have shot before and just had to requalify on the Number 8 rifle. The second group consisted of relatively new Cadets who have never shot the Number 8 rifle before and required training to do so. The final group consisted of Cadets training on the L98A2 weapon.  

For those in Group One, the weekend began with a quick recap of Normal Safety Precautions (NSP's) and other necessary drills. After this they then attempted the Number 8 Rifle Weapons Handling Test. This test ensures that Cadets are confident with the Number 8 rifle. They then proceeded to shoot on the Squadron's 22 metre (25.5 feet) long Range. They were allowed a total of 75, .22 inch rounds each. These rounds were fired in a number of circumstances including Groupings (As close together as possible), Snap (5 second light exposure to shoot), Rapid (All the rounds as fast as you can as long as they are accurate) and Deliberate (As close to the centre of the target as you can). Each time the Cadets were trying to improve their shooting by controlling their breathing and trigger follow through.

For those in Group 2, the weekend consisted of lectures and practical demonstrations. They went through the entire Number 8 Training Syllabus from start to finish. This included learning the names of parts of the rifle, learning how to strip the rifle down and the best way to shoot it. After the theory work the Cadets were given rifles with tiny plastic rounds in to help them practise for their Weapons Handling Test. After completing the Weapons Handling Test, the Cadets took to the range for the first time, firing a total of 25 rounds in a grouping format.

For those in Group 3, the weekend consisted of mainly theory work that enables them to safely fire the L98A2 rifle. The difference between a Number 8 rifle and the L98A2 is that one is magazine fed and the other is not. The L98A2 is very similar to the weapon used by the British Army. The training was broken down so that the Cadets could 'get their hands on' an L98A2. This qualification is a mandatory requirement for those wishing to attend major Fieldcraft camps such as Altcar.

Overall the weekends shooting was very successful, with all those who put their names down to requalify/qualify on the Number 8 rifle passing their Weapons Handling Test. Those doing L98A2 training also passed allowing them to go on to Wing Shooting events and Fieldcraft camps.

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