Trips and Visits

Keighley Air Cadets are regularly offered all sorts of different trips and visits.

Below are a selection of recent trips/visits, including trips to museums, airports, and Concord.

There are also courses, such as the Air Operations Acquaintance Center.

We also visit different Air Shows every year.

There's also information about 2431 (Keighley) Squadron ATC's musical success.

Air Operations Acquaintance Centre Stage 1

On this course we had an introduction to using flight simulators before being allowed on the £2000 simulators.

The course's aim is to teach Cadets a higher understanding of Air Operations, you simulate a flight in an F-16, which you have full control over. This course is about air-to-air combat, however, you also learn about all the aspects of the cockpit.

There is a team-work activity which will be presented at the end of the course. After the final practical session, in which you put all the skills you've learnt into practice, there is a reward for the best 'Top-Gun' (best pilot) and then everybody gets a really cool badge for your flying suit as well as a certificate.

With the best Staff and Instructors, you find your self shooting down target after target, immersed in a virtual reality.

Click here to read about Stage 2!

Air Operations Acquaintance Center Stage 2

On this course we began to look at Take-off, Landing and Bombing.

It was easier this time, because we already knew the controls and people you're with from Stage 1.

We also did another Teamwork activity, which will be presented at the end of the course.

You learn about the other controls of the Aircraft, and details about Stalling, Throttle, and Controls. You already know the Staff, and they remember you, which creates a relaxed atmosphere to fly in the F-16 Simulator.

Like Stage 1, the best pilot was also awarded.

If you haven't already read about Stage 1, read it here.

House of Lords Visit!

 On the afternoon of Friday 29th November 2013 I was lucky enough to be one of almost 50 Air Cadets attending the “Lords 2013 Chamber Event”.

Leeds Bradford Airport AirSide

Several times a year Keighley Air Cadets get the opportunity to visit Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBIA) and get to visit the Air Side Safety Unit as well as visit the Air Traffic Control Tower.

Airmanship Training Day

On Saturday 12th July 2014, cadets from 2431 (Keighley) Squadron ATC visited 635 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) at RAF Topcliffe near Thirsk for an Airmanship Training Day.

The eight cadets who visited are all training towards their First Classification Badge and are currently covering Airmanship, under the leadership of Cadet Sergeant Luke Towler.
The day consisted of a look at the airfield layout/markings, a look around a Vigilant in the hangar, a trip to the control tower as well as watching the Vigilant Safety Brief/Donning a parachute. The day was so successful, it is now hoped that during the pause to Air Cadet Gliding, 635 and 645 VGS' will roll this out to the wings.

Cadet Sergeant Luke Towler commented:
"It's a much more practical, hands on way of teaching these cadets Airmanship. Heading out onto the airfield to see the runway markings and see the lights, then to physically see a Vigilant and its controls is much better than scrolling through a PowerPoint. The expertise of the VGS staff and their knowledge is also invaluable to the cadets"

"During this pause, it's really important to keep the VGS staff and cadets engaged and enthused about what they can achieve when we're airborne again. With the great facilities we have at Topcliffe, there's no reason we can't offer some places out to cadets within our catchment to join us for an Airmanship Day. This day worked well as a trial; It was enjoyable, educational and we did everything we could with the cadets bar flying!"

635 VGS

Manchester Runway Visitors Park Trip

The trip was an excellent day out with 2431 (Keighley) Squadron, and we got to see the most luxurious aircraft, Concord, and the equally impressive Nimrod.

National Marching Band Competition

Over the weekend of 17th/18th November 2012, I had a great opportunity to represent the 6000 Cadets of North Region in a National Competition. It was at RAF Halton and I was up against Cadets from all over the UK. 

It was a busy day, but an enjoyable weekend, with plenty to do and it was a great chance to admire the musical talents of other Cadets from up and down the UK.

There were 5 categories for the competition: Solo Bugler, Solo Drummer, Fanfare, Ensemble, Full Marching Band. I entered Fanfare along with 2 other Cadets, and Ensemble along with 4 other Cadets. We came 2nd in Fanfare and 3rd in Ensemble!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience to work with and compete against the best Musical Cadets in the UK. 

If music is your thing, Air Cadets has a wide variety of activities to offer you, such as; The National Marching Band, National Concert Bands and other Band Competitions.

Ive also been given the opportunity to play trumpet for a local Marching Band, in which I attend every Friday night and also attend occasional weekend events, such as Parades.

If you have any queries about music in Air Cadets, pop down to the squadron and have a chat with Sgt T Smith. 

Visit from the AFCO

On Monday 10th December, a CPL from the AFCO (Armed Forces Careers Office) visited 2431 (Keighley) Squadron ATC.

Waddington Air Show

On Saturday the 6th of July Cadets from 2431 (Keighley) Squadron ATC visited the RAF Waddington Air Show near Lincoln.

AOAC Visit

On Saturday 17th May 2014, 4 cadets from 2431 (Keighley) Squadron ATC attended a day long course at the AOAC at RAF Linton-on-Ouse.

The Air Operations Acquaintance Centre (AOAC) is a regional high-tech flight simulator resource open to all cadets within North Region Air Cadets.

When you get there you are given a flight suit and call sign that you keep for the day, my call sign was Poison. You spend the day learning about modern air-air combat and then putting them in to use on an F-16 Fighting Falcon Flight Simulator.

Half of the day was learning about the controls and buttons in the flight simulator and then flying it, the other half was planning a combat situation. You had a list of jet fighters, helicopters and ships to defend your base, attack a list of enemy buildings and using reconnaissance aircraft to find your enemies buildings.

When you complete the one day course you get a badge that you sew on to your own flight suit and then you can go back to do the second course. Everyone that was there said they would go back to do the second course because it’s a great day and all the staff are really friendly and funny. I encourage all future cadets to do this course.